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David DemeterDavid Demeter
David Demeter has been playing drums professionally for over 35 years, a career that has included touring and extensive studio work in all genres of music, as well as television and film soundtracks.  In 2002 David was inspired to begin teaching full time and opened the first Drum Lab music education and digital recording facility in Lake Forest, CA.  In 2006 this endeavor evolved into the new expanded location in Laguna Hills, California.

In addition to being a composer and multi-instrumentalist (drums, keyboards, guitar, bass), David is an active producer who has also worked as a drummer with renowned producers David DeVore [Fleetwood Mac, Carlos Santana], Bruce Botnick [The Doors], David Kahn [Sublime, Paul McCartney and Rusty Anderson].  David has recorded and/or performed with Matt Bissonette, Rusty Anderson, John Shanks, Boney James, Billy Childs, Mike O'neil (with members of Little Feat) and Lee Oskar to name a few.

As a drum instructor, David has a unique teaching method which focuses on technique:  grip, stroke, proper form, endurance and speed.  He utilizes various exercises and drills for the student to develop a full understanding and command of the 40-international rudiments and, beyond that, to translate rudimental applications to the drum kit within Grooves.  Advanced students learn to further develop independence and polyrhythmic abilities.  A featured aspect of studying with David at the Drum Lab is the opportunity for the student to become proficient with recording studio requirements for drummers.  Students become comfortable playing with a click track and learn song structure concepts by creating drum parts to pre-recorded musical tracks without preexisting drum tracks.

Overall, David specializes in delivering what the student requires.  From the hobbyist to the dedicated professional, whether via one or two consultation lessons or extended courses of study, David works with each individual to hone their skills so that they can become the drummer they want to be.  "The end result has always been about being musical, it's about the song and the groove your playing."

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