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The tuition for monthly lessons is due in advance on the last lesson of the month for the month ahead for continuing monthly students.  Note:  The student pays for the number of lessons in a given month, i.e. when there are five weeks in a month, the student pays for five lessons.


Monthly Students:    One hour lesson  / $ 65.00
Half hour lesson  / $ 40.00
Bi-weekly Students:    One hour lesson  / $ 70.00
Half hour lesson  / $ 45.00
Single Lesson:    One hour lesson  / $ 80.00
Half hour lesson  / $ 50.00


Students must give 24 hour notice for all cancellations.  Students are required to notify the teacher via cell phone, email or text 24 hours in advance of the cancelled lesson.  With proper notice, a student is entitled to make up the cancelled lesson.  The makeup lesson would need to be rescheduled for a different day and time other than the student's normal weekly lesson.  With proper 24 hour notice, the student never forfeits the lesson and the makeup lesson may be scheduled at any time int the future.  No credit will be offered, only a makeup lesson.


If the teacher has to cancel a lesson with the student for any reason then the student has the choice of a credit or a makeup lesson.  If you choose a credit, then the credit would be used towards the monthly tuition payment for the following month.  If you choose a makeup lesson, it would be scheduled as an extra lesson in addition to the student's normal monthly schedule.


Failure to provide a 24 hour notice or a "no show" is considered a Missed Lesson.  Lessons missed due to less than 24 hour notice or the student's non-attendance cannot be rescheduled or credited.

Tuition and credit balances cannot be transferred for master classes, clinics or any other educational or entertainment functions at The Drum Lab or off site Drum Lab events such as recitals, youth music concerts or field trips.

Late Fee:  A late fee of $25.00 will be added to tuition costs if tuition is paid later than four (4) days past the initial due date.  Tuition is due the last lesson of the month for the month ahead.


Rehearsal Room #1 •  $ 25.00 per hour with a three
    hour block minimum
•  $ 20.00 each additional hour
•  Weekly rates (call for quote)
•  Monthly Rates (call for quote)
•  Quarterly Rates (call for quote)

Songwriting Room

•  $ 20.00 per hour with a three
    hour block minimum
•  $ 15.00 each additional hour
•  Weekly rates (call for quote)
•  Monthly Rates (call for quote)
•  Quarterly Rates (call for quote)

Drummer Rates

•  Call for Drummer-Friendly quotes!

Student Rates

•  Practice after your Drum Lab
    lesson special discounts apply

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