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The Rehearsal Lab is the perfect private rehearsal environment to work out your music either with the band or by yourself.

Whether you need to fine-tune your own technique, work on expanding your musical vocabulary, or prepare the whole group for the upcoming concert, our soundproofed and climate-controlled rooms are the optimum setting for you to be able to focus on what's important:  your music!

The Rehearsal Lab features:

Rehearsal Room #1:

•  Ideal for band or choir rehearsals
•  Room dimensions are 12' x 23' with a 10' ft. ceiling
•  Completely soundproofed
•  Professionally tuned and maintained drum kit
•  Bass amp
•  Guitar amp
•  PA system with a twelve channel Mackie mixing board, JBL
    speaker(s), and a Mackie sub-woofer
•  Microphones (up to four at no extra charge)
•  Music stands available
•  Three hour block minimum
•  Live recording available (call for rates)

Rehearsal Room #1 is very popular with our regular clients.
Be sure to book early to lock in your dates.

Songwriting Room:

•  Private creative space Ideal for songwriters (single or duo)
•  Room dimensions are 6'8" x 8'5" with a 7'6" ceiling
•  Upright acoustic piano (professionally tuned)
•  Acoustic and electric guitars available
•  Bass guitars available
•  Guitar and bass amp(s) available
•  Recording available upon request
•  Digital keyboard(s) available
•  Music stand(s)
•  Two hour minimum

Attention Drummers!

Drummers, are you...

   - Tired of family, friends and neighbors
      complaining about your practice time?
   - Frustrated with local sound curfews?
   - Unable to play as much as you want in the
      way that you want?

All our sound-proofed, climate-controlled rehearsal rooms are available for you to reserve at reduced, drummer-friendly rates!  Whether you want to set up your whole percussion rig in Rehearsal Room #1 or use one of the kits provided by the Drum Lab in Rehearsal Rooms #2 and #3, our rehearsal facilities are here for you.  Here at The Lab we are drummers too, so we are familiar with the challenges drummers face to get in some quality practice time.  Give us a call for rates.  There is a two hour minimum for Drummer's Rehearsal using our kits and a three hour minimum if you use your own set up.

Rates and Fees

Rehearsal Room #1 •  $ 25.00 per hour with a three hour
     block minimum
•  $ 20.00 each additional hour
•  Weekly rates (call for quote)
•  Monthly Rates (call for quote)
•  Quarterly Rates (call for quote)

Songwriting Room

•  $ 20.00 per hour with a three hour
     block minimum
•  $ 15.00 each additional hour
•  Weekly rates (call for quote)
•  Monthly Rates (call for quote)
•  Quarterly Rates (call for quote)

Drummer Rates

•  Call for Drummer-Friendly quotes!

Student Rates

•  Practice after your Drum Lab lesson
    special discounts apply

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